Each Omega comes with a limited lifetime warranty applicable to the original owner. At any point should a bow fail due to construction or material flaws, the original customer will be entitled to a repair or replacement of equal or lesser value, or a comparable newer model. Bows that fail due to improper handling, storage, or misuse are NOT covered under warranty. See the Care and Maintenance section for more details.

 Monetary refunds are not available after the first 30 days from the date of delivery, or if the bow is damaged or altered in any way. Shipping and the insured safety of the returned bow is the responsibility of the customer when collecting a refund or replacement.

Care and Maintenance

 Arrows must always weigh a minimum of 8 grains per pound of draw weight at your draw length. The bow must NEVER be dry fired (shot without an arrow). This can and will cause unseen and unpredictable damage that cannot be warrantied.

Bows must not be overdrawn. The maximum draw is written on the bow as “MAX”, and never more than half the bow’s length unless otherwise marked. Brace height should be around 8”, or between 7.25” and 8.75”, on all models unless otherwise marked. All measurements are from the string to the deepest part of the locator grip on the belly side. The string should not lay on the limb or contact the limb beyond the nocks.

 Limb twist or imbalance on any bow strung by hand, improperly stored, or improperly set up is not covered under warranty.   It is the responsibility of the customer to read and follow the Care and Use Guide and Warranty information. Bows that are found to have been purposefully mishandled, altered, or improperly cared for will NOT be covered under warranty, including the 30-day money back period. 

Strings and accessories have no warranty.

Keep Information for Reference

Limit two standard option replacements per order of equal or lesser value or a comparable newer model. The serial number and the broken bow must be supplied by the customer when ordering a replacement.

 The serial number should be kept for your records as well as this receipt. If there is any issue with your bow or order, please have your serial number ready.

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