When I started in archery, it was difficult to find a bow that was reasonably priced but as fast as the higher end bows. I wanted a straight-forward hunting longbow that would pack a punch at a reasonable draw weight, but leave enough money to buy a hunting license!

I began building my own bows in search of that fast, reasonably priced longbow. That goal has led to my Omega Longbows. These high performance hybrids are built with performance, durability, and cost at the forefront in the hopes of creating a weapon where everyone can afford a high performance hunting bow at working man’s prices. If you would like to place an order or have any questions, please email me at kegan_mccabe@yahoo.com or you can call me on my cell phone at 724-406-4256 during regular business hours.

“A bow for hunting must be durable, steady, accurate, gentle in the hand, and smooth on the draw, yet with enough speed of cast and follow-through to throw a heavy arrow.” – Howard Hill, Hunting the Hard Way

The name…

After many years of seeking the most efficient design to balance all of the properties I wanted in a bow, I found it only fitting to name it “Omega” to symbolize the culmination of years of experimentation and hard work. Although I continue to seek the best materials and methods to build my bows, the Original design remains the same, and influences all my new models. These bows are the final step of progression, and the ultimate step for what I feel to be the perfect hunting weapon.

The design…

The hybrid longbow, or semi-recurve as it used to be called, is an exceptional balance of performance and durability. Unlike straight longbows, these bows boast incredible speeds and low shock. Unlike true recurves, these bows resist twisting and can take much more abuse while being easier to silence. The hardwood limbs and riser allow for stability and ruggedness while also being easier to build than recurve limbs. All of this means more for your dollar. Honest American hand craftsmanship goes into the crafting of each and every bow.

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