• August 25, 2023
    We’re moving! The McCabe family is moving and getting established in my late father’s homestead. This is a huge move for us and still requires a great deal of work to be done as the house still doesn’t have running water, but we deeply appreciate the kindness of our valued customers and friends. This has been a rollercoaster year already and we’re not done yet. Custom orders will continue as scheduled with minimal delays.
  • March 29, 2023
    Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding during the last couple of months! I’m still having some occasional issues with the complications but I’m back on track for the most part and getting caught up on existing orders!
    Moving forward, we will be renaming the HP-64 and will now be calling it the “Rogue”. Lately, we’ve had a couple of questions concerning lineup availability and it’s become clear that the HP-64 designation can be a little confusing. For those curious about older models, like the Native or Original, there are no plans to reintroduce these designs at this time, however, these bows are still under warranty! If something happens to a discontinued model a new replacement Rogue is still available. The Rogue will still be available in the same layout and options for new orders as were available under the HP-64 moniker. However, for folks with discontinued models, specialized versions of the Rogue will be available depending on the bow it’s replacing. Hopefully, this will help better serve returning customers and avoid confusion.
    I am also working on new options for the Royal Huntsman for this summer. By popular demand, we will be making some changes to the Dymalux availability, string accessories, and bow length options. These options will be finalized this year and we will have an announcement when they are available for order. I’m also working on the t/d system, although this is a long-term project and I can’t say when it will be completed and available. It’s been a popular request, though, so I’m sure folks will be excited to hear that it’s in the works!
  • March 1, 2023
    Thank you to everyone who reached out during my time in the hospital. For those who don’t know, my appendix had ruptured and there were some complications during recovery. However, I’m back to work and doing my best to get caught up on orders again! For those of you with bows near completion, I am deeply thankful for your patience as we get everything going once more.
  • January 25, 2023

    As we roll into the new year, we have received news that USPS will be raising their prices again. Initially, their prices had already gone up during 2022 and there were times we paid more to ship than we had charged, as I was hesitant to raise prices if this was temporary. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. So we began researching alternatives, however, it quickly became clear that other shipping services were raising their prices and these alternatives would be even more expensive than USPS. So beginning in February shipping and handling will now be $45 to cover the rising costs.

    New ideas develop as I build and incorporating the synthetic spine into the limbs of the Royal Huntsman has allowed me to revisit the 60″ AMO layout. So far the results have been promising. For draw lengths of 28″ or less, the synthetic spine and more aggressive tapers give the shorter Royal Huntsman a more accommodating tiller and better performance at shorter draw lengths. While this doesn’t translate for draw lengths, this will open more length options for your average bowhunters searching for a more compact Omega and additional custom options. There’s still a bit more work to be done finalizing the layout details, of course, but I’m hoping to have this project completed and available by summertime.

    In addition to another length option, I am also taking comments on future dymalux options. At the moment, we have the new pieces of charcoal and the remaining colors from our previous orders. The previous colors are limited and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, however, charcoal will remain the standard color for folks looking to get an Omega with extra mass weight. We are considering adding walnut to the budget for later in the year, however, to complement the charcoal. This will come down to budget, but if you have any thoughts please feel free to email me with your two cents on the subject!
  • December 20, 2022

    Thank you all for another wonderful year! As we move into 2023 I’m happy to announce a new specialty package model, the HP-64. This is a simplified Royal Huntsman that features a new slim riser shape, the low-wrist locator grip from the Tribute, and the regular maple-core limbs used in the 2022 Royal Huntsman. Set at a more affordable price for folks who just want a solid, hard-hitting bow without all the customization or frills, this model offers all the fantastic shooting characteristics of the custom Royal Huntsman in a streamlined, production-style layout. These bows can be ordered for the spring of 2023 and will still offer the basic custom options of draw weight, dexterity, and color selection but without the carbon or more elaborate aesthetics. Unlike the previous Tribute, this model will be available for order new as well as serving as a warranty replacement for older, discontinued models. While new versions will only be available in 64″, warranty bows built to replace discontinued models can be further customized as necessary in limited additional lengths and options. For new builds, however, the 64″ layout is ideal. It offers the best performance for the widest number of shooters while only measuring a hair over 61″ when strung for maneuverability. These limited and simplified available options help keep costs down making this one of the best values for a new American-made hybrid longbow.

    For 2023 the Dymalux riser option will also return in limited quantities for the Royal Huntsman for folks looking for extra mass, however, due to storage issues, I will not be offering “natural” hardwood riser options like oak or tigerwood this year. We will have more charcoal Dymalux available this spring, as well as the remaining colors from our previous stores. Because the Royal Huntsman is now offered standard with a synthetic spine for stiffness, and the Dymalux is already more rigid than the standard Spectraply, these risers will not feature the segmented core accent but will instead have the core wood run along the back and belly of the riser block, similar to the slim Spectraply riser in the HP-64.

    The slim riser shape from the HP-64 can also be custom ordered in the Royal Huntsman, but the Spectraply riser versions will continue to feature the segmented core wood accent like the standard deep riser versions. This will offer more options for archers who prefer the look of the slender lines common in more traditional longbows, and offer additional custom options for folks ordering a new Royal Huntsman longbow.

    Again, thank you all for your support and patience! The last few years have certainly been a roller coaster and I deeply appreciate you all. From our family to yours, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! I’m very excited for what’s to come and look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year!
  • October 14, 2022

    A deep and sincere thank you to all of our customers who continue to support us every day! I’m now taking orders for January model builds and working on updates for the coming year. After several years of testing and the recent transition to the maple core, I’ll be adding a carbon core spine as standard to our new ’23 Royal Huntsman limbs. This will dramatically increase limb stiffness. While the maple limb is roughly five feet per second faster than a same-specification hickory limb on average, it’s not as rigid as the hickory limb. The carbon core spine will only add one or two feet per second to speed, it will offer much better stability in the maple limb. Using the carbon in the center of the limb reduces the power the carbon can impart, but the trade-off is a more quiet bow. These carbon core bows will be the best overall balance of price, performance, and stability moving forward.

    Also, because of the high demand for the charcoal dymalux we will be ordering more as soon as we’re able. This will be an optional extra for 2023. Due to drying issues, however, we don’t have plans for other colors at this time.
  • August 27, 2022

    Thank you for your continued support! It has been a busy summer and I’m deeply grateful for the orders. By popular demand, I have replaced the hickory core with maple and all bows will be built with the maple core moving forward. This adds speed and improves consistency through more humid conditions. However, because the maple isn’t as dense and stiff as the hickory, the 60″ and 70″ lengths won’t be available. So for the remainder of 2022 the Royal Huntsman will be offered in 62″, 64″, 66″, and 68″ and draw weights up to 65# at your draw length. These are the most optimal lengths for this design with the maple core. This will help maintain the durability, performance, and limb stability you have come to expect from the Royal Huntsman.
  • March 26, 2022

    Life does not follow a script. After losing my father last year, we’ve just recently discovered another close family member has been diagnosed with cancer. This has come at a time when we’re still trying to regain our footing, and now it seems we may again be spread too thin with our hearts and focus pulled in multiple directions. 

    My primary desire for Omega in 2022 was to further improve the value of what I can build and offer to you, our dear customers, through quality and efficiency. After the numerous model changes and updates last year, I had created a great deal of confusion over the different choices. The experiment in offering different model shapes versus different options within models lead to a lot of learning, but the personal timing was terrible. It strained our budget and only lead to more problems when we needed to be there for the family and times got tough. These are mistakes I do not want to repeat and I believe it’s time to humble myself in order to grow. 

    For the remainder of this year, the Tribute will not be available for new custom orders. If you have an order already placed your bow will be completed as promised but I will not be taking any more new orders for custom Tributes. The Tribute will still be built as a replacement for any older discontinued models still under warranty. However, to avoid confusion my focus for the remainder of the year will be put towards the Royal Huntsman. Custom Royal Huntsman builds will include more woods and materials as we are able to afford them. We have moved to larger strike plates and rug rests. We have absorbed the third party processing fees for electronic payments as well.  Our goal is to focus on the best bow I can build in order to offer the most value possible to you!

    Thank you all so much for the support. It truly means the world to us and we cannot express how grateful we are for all of you. Thank you!
  • March 7, 2022 

    Thank you all who have reached out offering kind words of encouragement or consolation. It means the world to me and I cannot express how much it’s been appreciated. We’re trying to help get my mother reestablished now and it’s a challenging process. This has slowed many of the new projects down, and currently, the focus has been on quality over experimentation. We deeply appreciate your understanding as we get through this.

     Moving into spring, it seems best to address the differences and options between the Tribute and Royal Huntsman since simplifying the lineup. It can certainly be confusing given how much was changed over the last two years. So to address a few of the more frequently asked questions, the Tribute is built using the Spirit riser and the limb shape of the early Imperial model. This made for a stable, quick bow that’s not as sensitive and easier to shoot while only losing a small bit of arrow speed. If you have an Original, Spirit, slim-riser Imperial, or Native the Tribute is the replacement for these models and will behave similarly to each.  

     The Royal Huntsman, on the other hand, uses the new Imperial riser and a modified version of the Original limb profile. The Huntsman is essentially a one-piece version of the old Delta takedown I’d built years ago, modified with the updates that I’ve since incorporated into each build. This is the best shooting longbow I’ve ever designed. The large riser is very stable and the limbs are faster and less sensitive than previous models. If you have a new Imperial or Delta, the Royal Huntsman is a replacement for these models.

      The Tribute and the Royal Huntsman shoot very similarly. The Tribute is slightly slower than the Huntsman (~5 fps), all things equal, and will have more recoil in the hand with its longer working limb. The Tribute is only available with a lower wrist grip due to the smaller riser. At 64″ both bows can be set up to be just as quiet, and both will produce about the same noise with a bare string and no bow quiver. The Royal Huntsman is more refined and is the best shooter I can offer. For the remainder of this year, I will be working to better address the custom options desired in the Royal Huntsman. 

     For the Royal Huntsman, more material and layout options are in the works. There are several new kinds of wood that we’re hoping to source for next year now that we’ve rebuilt our drying boxes. Many have also reached out about the dymalux and carbon core options, and those will return this summer for sale. We’re currently working through pricing and establishing what we have available as well as what will fit into our budget to see where we can go from here. This will set up a new custom options list for the Royal Huntsman, although the standard options and pricing will remain the same.
  • February 7, 2022 

    The new year is upon us and brings some fresh updates to the Omega lineup. Due to some sudden and unexpected employment changes, we have returned to full time-production and will continue building and taking orders as usual. For 2022 we will be simplifying our model options and returning to our roots, so to speak, with the emphasis on value and efficiency rather than numerous different models, specialty options, or exotic upgrades. The Royal Huntsman will be available to offer greater customization as our flagship model. The updates and adjustments to the current Royal Huntsman have rounded it out as the nicest shooting longbow I’ve offered and will continue to include more new custom options as they become available to fit shooters’ needs. This will eventually include the return of dymalux as a riser option later in the year, budget permitting, as well as more new spectraply color options this spring to better fit your vision for your new longbow.

      The Tribute will retain its simpler option list as our entry model, and the price will reflect that. We are considering other possible layout changes and simplifications in the future to make the Tribute more affordable as a “production style” offering as well, rather than a fully customized build, if interest in affordability over customization remains high. We appreciate your feedback and input and will try our best to offer the best options for our customers! The responses we’ve received about the updated models so far have given us the chance to reset our focus and better address the needs and desires of our customers. The shorter Tribute has been a surprisingly well-liked entry model, and the 60″ and 64″ versions have been significantly more popular than the early 68″ layout. The Tribute was initially designed to offer a more “traditional” style longbow option, however, its price point and shorter length options have made it appealing as a general entry model to hybrid longbow shooting, and we appreciate the opportunity to get new shooters involved in these simple, elegant weapons! 

    Thank you all for the patience and understanding shown to us during the last year. I never expected that we’d lose my father the way we did, or that so much would happen so quickly. Last year marked ten years of Omega and I was never able to celebrate that with him, though he had been the initial inspiration for this endeavor as a self-employed woodworker by trade. He wasn’t a bowhunter, but I tried my best to follow in his footsteps and make him proud in this way. I turned 30 not long after his passing and struggled with the reality that after years of butting heads and arguing, what times we had together are all that will ever be. During all of that, the moisture issues in the workshop pushed us closer than we’d ever been to having to close Omega and find alternative employment. Yet despite these challenges, by the grace of God and our wonderful, kind customers, we made it through and are on the road to rebuilding- with hopes of surpassing where we were! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for everyone who reached out or who had patience with us during that time, and hope to devote this year to improving even more so I can continue to build and serve you all in kind! Thank you!!! 
  • October 23, 2021

    We deeply appreciate the patience and understanding shown during these last couple of months. It has been incredibly hard on our family, but we are getting through the worst of it and have appreciated the kindness shown. During the time of my father’s passing, we also struggled with an incredibly wet summer season and moisture content issues in our materials. That led to issues in durability and so we made a number of changes in how our materials are stored and prepared. We are now back to work as we should be with dry, strong materials again. This chaotic period also exposed several other key areas that needed better addressed moving forward, though. So, as of this date, we will be working toward meeting those goals as best we can.

    First, we will not be restocking Dymalux at this time. The Dymalux riser option will be removed from the Huntsman due to issues with the moisture/drying characteristics that have become apparent during our moisture crisis. What’s left in our stock is due to run out as the new order of Spectraply arrives, which has been far more forgiving to dry and store and more cost-effective for the color options we hope to offer. This change is being made to produce more durable and consistent bows for everyone with more color options and less confusion.

    Second, the simplified length options will be adjusted slightly over winter. The 70″ length option for the Royal Huntsman will return for the summer 2022 to once again offer a proper longbow. The Tribute will see new options and will now serve as a replacement for several previous model options that have been discontinued over the years, such as the Original, Spirit, and Native.

    Finally, due to the time spent working through warranty replacements over the past month, it’s clear I do not have the inventory done that I was hoping for our November sale. What little stock had been built up has mostly been sold already. This had been a struggle while my father had been sick, however, it had made sense to continue scheduling for inventory rather than be late with a customer’s order should my parents have needed help. Now, after his passing, scheduled inventory builds will be charged to custom orders instead for improved turnaround time. Missed weight bows will be posed as usual inventory, but there won’t be any more inventory-specific builds for 2021. We will be contacting customers as we work through their builds, but start dates will continue to be scheduled as previously set times. This will take some time, but we hope to have everything up and running smoothly by spring next year!
  • August 22, 2021

    Due to a recent death in the family, we have made changes to our pricing and options. This passing has had a profound impact on our family and we are working through some significant life changes as a result. During this time, I will be working with limited length and custom options for orders to best serve our customers and avoid confusion. The recent material changes have had a more profound impact on the lineup than initially recognized. We will begin taking orders again on September 6 as planned but will be scheduling fewer builds for the remainder of the year to spend more time on each build as well as attending to personal matters. I deeply appreciate your understanding during these times, and hope to resume business as usual as soon as possible. Thank you.


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