We are currently taking orders for January start dates. Builds take about six weeks to complete.

These are the currently available Omega Longbow models. All models are laminated with fiberglass limbs for durability and feature a lifetime warranty applicable to the original owner. All Omegas come equipped with high-performance endless loop strings as standard.

Product order information is listed at the bottom of the page!

Omega Royal Huntsman


This is the ultimate Omega longbow. Taking the accuracy and stability of the Imperial riser and blending it with a less sensitive and more efficient hybrid limb shape, the new Royal Huntsman delivers a superb all-around longbow in a simple, dependable layout. The Royal Huntsman is World Archery, NFAA, ASA, and IBO legal for competition and the hybrid limbs offer better efficiency for bowhunters looking to get more performance. There is less recoil and improved arrow speed, with an optimized limb and riser layout to get the best balance of speed, smoothness, and accuracy from its tough limbs made of fiberglass, carbon, and maple.

With the large Spectraply laminate riser available standard, this bow features mass weight and a comfortable locator grip more akin to a recurve. The limbs are made from maple and fiberglass with an optional carbon core spine for the best blend of stability and performance, per your preference. The standard medium wrist locator grip and cut-to-center radiused shelf make a bow that’s very easy and comfortable to shoot and can be customized in higher or lower wrist grips for preference. Each bow is sealed with a durable textured semigloss Thunderbird Epoxy finish. The Royal Huntsman is the perfect all-around hybrid longbow and brings the best characteristics of both a longbow and recurve together in a simple, traditional design.

Draw weight available up to 65# standard and in 60″ to 68″ bow lengths. Your choice of color for Spectraply riser and fiberglass. Each new bow includes a rug rest and strike plate, high-performance endless loop string, and limited lifetime warranty.

Currently available Spectraply laminate riser colors:

Charcoal, Green Mountain Camo, Buckskin, Royal Jacaranda, Emberglow, Americana, Applejack, Coffee, Green Hornet, Nutmeg (light walnut)

**Buckskin, Charcoal, and Applejack Dymalux available while supplies last**

Currently available fiberglass colors:

Black, green, and brown

Omega Rogue


New for 2023, the Rogue is a simplified base-style version designed to offer the essentials for those looking for maximum value in their new bow, without the frills, that will still deliver on performance. This model is built on the same forms as the Royal Huntsman but uses a simplified version of the new slim riser layout and a low wrist locator grip. The maple core and black fiberglass limbs are built in the 64″ layout to balance performance, stability, durability, and maneuverability. While this model doesn’t feature the unidirectional carbon core like the Royal Huntsman, arrow performance is comparable between the two models.

The new Rogue replaces the Tribute as the affordable entry Omega model option, in keeping with the spirit of Omega. The radiused shelf is cut to center and can be ordered in right- or left-handed. Includes a rug rest and strike plate, high-performance endless loop string, and a limited lifetime warranty. The limbs are fiberglass and maple. Tips are phenolic to allow for high-performance strings and each bow is sealed with the textured semigloss Thunderbird Epoxy finish. It is 64″ AMO and available in draw weights up to 60#. Your choice of Spectraply riser color.

Bow LengthsMax Draw Lengths*Standard Draw WeightsPrice
Rogue64″ 31″up to 60#$550
Royal Huntsman62″- 68″up to 30″ to 34″ respectivelyup to 65#$795


* Please check Warranty and FAQ pages to determine what lengths can accommodate which draw.

IN-Stock Bows

Just so you know

All inventory bows are built new and will be posted as they are completed and ready to ship. Older or used models and prototypes will be marked as such and priced accordingly.

Other products

Spare Dynaflight Endless Loop Omega Bowstrings


These are the same high-performance endless loop strings that we build and included with every bow, designed for minimal creep, maximum speed, and all-around strength and consistency.  Made of black BCY D-97 in 12 strands and BCY PowerGrip 0.025″ serving are used for long-lasting wear and a superior release. Specify bow length and model when ordering.

Black only.



Omega Longbows products: Shirts

Shirts & Sweatshirts

T-shirt (S to XL)$20

Hooded Sweatshirts$30

Julie Lapek of Wai Back Designs is now providing us with new custom Omega shirts, hoodies, and hats!

Please contact us for availability. No shipping charges with a bow order.

Products: Hats



Available colors are black, gray, and green. Please contact us for availability. No shipping charges with a bow order.

Return policy

If you’re not completely happy with your new Omega Longbow, you can return it within 30 days of delivery, provided the bow is still in the same condition in which it arrived.

Bows with obvious finish damage from handling or modification will be charged a $195 refinish fee. Any alterations made to the bow will void the monetary refund and warranty. See Warranty and FAQ for more details.

how to order

To order please copy and paste to an email, fill out the form below, and email the following information to me at:

Order Form

1. Full Name2. Shipping AddressBilling address, if different, and please include a phone number 3. Bow Model and Specifications     -Left or Right handed     -Bow length      -Draw weight @ Draw length     -Riser color/wood and fiberglass color (please check for availability)4. Any additional items (if desired) Ie. Spare strings, hats, shirts, etc.5. Payment preference         PayPal, credit card, money order, or check. 

With the above information supplied your order will be registered. The total will be due once the bow is finished and ready to ship.

You are emailing me directly, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask! Also, if you would rather talk on the phone you can reach me on my cell phone at 724-406-4256 during regular business hours, although email is much easier (

Shipping Details

Shipping for all bow strings is free, and all bows require an additional flat rate $45 (shipping to any other nation will be priced individually). To ensure that the bow will arrive undamaged plastic pipe will be used to ship the bow.

Should a bow arrive damaged from shipping, the bow will be repaired or replaced as necessary and any finish damage will be repaired free of charge. Turn around is about six weeks from start to finish from the scheduled start date. Please contact me at for current start date availability.

Payment details

We offer a variety of ways to pay. Payment can be made with a money order, personal check, credit card, or PayPal. Payment is due once the bow is completed and ready to ship. Specialty custom options may require a $100 nonrefundable deposit to secure a build date. Prices are subject to change.