Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our frequently asked questions and learn more about Omega Longbows and what bow to choose.

Q: Which model should I choose?

A: Both of the currently available Omega models are a refined hybrid longbow design. The Rogue is a basic, no-frills version and the Royal Huntsman is the more customizable model with more options and materials.

Q: Why an Omega Longbow over Brand X?

A: I designed my Omega Longbows to be as accurate, consistent, and as fast as a longbow can be while maintaining the simple elegance and shape that we consider synonymous with a “longbow” at a competitive price. While there are some phenomenal longbows that are truly gorgeous on the market today,  I would consider my Omegas to be the perfect intersection in simplicity, value, and performance.

Q: What’s the performance difference between the different options?

A: There’s no difference in arrow speed between the different riser materials or fiberglass colors in the same design. The different riser options merely change the aesthetics of the bow. The carbon core in the Royal Huntsman adds 1-2 fps over the Rogue.

Q: What bow length should I choose?

A: The limits for draw length and bow length depend on the model and archer. Shorter bows are often used by hunters and archers with short draw lengths. Longer models are necessary for long draw lengths or serious target shooting. The 62-64″ lengths are often the most popular and offer the nicest overall balance of comfort and consistency.

Q: This will be my first traditional bow. What draw weight should I choose to start?

A: Draw weight depends on the archer, their goal, and their current physical condition. However, as a general rule, heavier bows work great for hunting and light bows work great for skill practice. Finding one draw weight that does it all year-round is always about compromise. If you’re new to traditional and looking to hunt whitetail, I don’t recommend ordering over 45-50# at your draw for your first bow if it will be your only traditional bow. For compound shooters, it’s best to avoid going for more than 65% of your peak comfortable weight. For target shooting and recreational archery, 30# is great for long shooting sessions and skill-building, as well as introducing archery to newcomers. 

Q: Do you offer exotic woods, bamboo limbs, or veneer options?

A: At this time I do not offer any exotic woods options. While that may change in the future, my focus for my Omega Longbows is directed more toward performance over more expensive aesthetics. 

Q: What types of arrows can I use?

A: All types! Carbon, aluminum, or wood will all work great. Due to the high performance of these bows, however, your best luck is to start with arrows that are from 5# to 15# stiffer, depending on your shooting style. Similar to a modern recurve. A more specific selection can be found on the chart in my Tuning and Tips section.

Q: What can I do to take care of my bow?

A: Besides taking care to properly string and unstring your bow and keeping your string waxed, storing the bow inside on a bow rack is the best way to maintain your bow for a lifetime. If you don’t have a bow rack, store the bow horizontally on a shelf or under your bed. Do not leave a bow standing in the corner on its limb or outside, as this can cause damage to the limbs’ balance. While a bow can safely be stored strung, it’s best to keep it away from heat, moisture, or direct sunlight. Do not store the bow outside or in your vehicle for prolonged periods. While a bow sock helps keep the bow from getting scratched during transport, they are not necessary for storage nor do they offer any protection from extreme climate. If you need to clean your bow, a soft damp rag works well. 

Q: What sort of speed can I expect from my bow?

A: Depending on your setup and style, you can expect a properly set up Omega with a 28″ draw and 10 gpp arrow using the included string to shoot in the 160-180 fps range. For those interested in speed Omegas will also tolerate arrow weights as low as 8 grains per pound in draw weight in order to get to the 200 fps range, but these bows are designed to easily launch heavy arrows with authority. These bows can shoot heavy arrows as fast as straight longbow designs drawing 10# more! 

Q: Do you offer heavier draw weights?

A: Yes. Special high draw weight models can be built upon request for an additional fee. Due to the low interest, there are limitations with heavier draw weight builds so please contact me directly for more information.

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